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Inspired by the movie wich inspired a twitter topic which was inspired by the low tolerance for Trifiling ass bitches and bumb ass Niggas. ex: #DragU2hell if you have a thousand dollar stroller and your taking public transportaion. ex: #DragU2hell if you a chick and u fuked your homegirls Man or ex. thats mad wack. ex# DragU2Hell if your A Guy Poppin Mad Bottles In da club but dont take care of your fukin kids. or if you spend more money on ya girlfriend then your children, Mad Fuckin Wack, #FukOuttaHere......... #DragU2hell If u out frontin like u a Dboy 2. and you wearin fake jewelry take that monkey shit off. u misleading the youth. oh yea and #DragU2hell if ur a bitch who falls for fake niggas then wonder y when a real nigga starts fukn wit you and finds out. we look @ you like damn bitch u fuk'd wit that nigga, smh big time #TurnOff. (PS. I got a English Regents Diploma but if i spell things wrong i dont give a fuk 2 be honest, as long as my math is straight Im Good (Pharell & Clipse VOice) Follow Me On Twitter @TroyAve