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New Mens Christian Louboutin Sneaker.

Okay SO everybody appreciates a chic wit a good red bottom on. and by red bottom i dont mean a light skinded girls ass. i mean the Louboutin shoe that chics go crazy for. they run from about 350.00 and up. i kno because ive been fooled into going 2 the saks 7th floor many times and leaving with a bill. Only 4 my main bitch tho, dont get it twisted im no TRICK. anyways now 2 all my niggas that get suckerd or guilt tripped into buying thum red bottoms now we got a sneaker for them 2 buy us. Im not sure the bottom is red tho. Tell me what ya'll think. I might make shorty get me a pair jus cause i feel like she owes me 1.The New Mens Christian Louboutin SNeaker.......