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Tiger "Oh Yea U Not Black? Woods"

this is wat happens when suckas try 2 be young players. they marry the first good looking bitch that chooses them. not knowing that the bitch choose them for nothing more then financial gain. and they start 2 feel they self like yea im the man lemme holla @ otha bitches. meanwhile the bitch that choose you like u a bitch has no respect for you cause she sees that your a lame ass sucka ass nigga so she wont tolerate or respect you fukn wit anotha bitch cause in her eyes its like "This corny cornball punk sucka faggot weirdo lame bitch soft terry cloth spineless swagless nerdy geek mutha fucka, has the nerve 2 cheat on me. then Crash Out goes ya back window with a golf club, and its wateva cuz now shes so disrespected that she dont give a fuk. and shes no longer willing 2 put up the front like she wanted 2 be wit you any way and was jus keepin up her end of the commitment 2 save face and not seem like a gold digger, now youve given her a lane 2 be like great im finally free and out because hes been unfaithful "Its not the fact that your unfaithful its the fact that your a lame and unfaithful" a bitch would expect and respect me cheatin cause i got a swag like a nigga wit mad bitches. u got a swag like (ummm excuse ahhh i was wondering ahhhh if its not 2 much trouble ahhhh quite possibly when your not busy ahhhh could u suck my dick" (CHRIS ROCK COMEDY SPECIAL VOICE). thats what u get for frontin. Ps. u dont have 2 be black we dont want you neither does ya wife. what you gon do now. its all fukd up now........ (PUFF DADDY VOice)