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Allen Iverson Press Confrence #DragU2hell NY Knicks

My second favorite nba player ever next 2 michael jordan.... New York Knicks #DragU2Hell ffor not signing him. Fukn idiot assholes. who da fux is repsonsible for hiring the fuk face retard that didnt sign Allen Iverson. God For bid he came 2 new york and bought sum excitement to the garden. all we got is "Nate (50 cent in da face) Robinson"


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As Promised. We got this shit out 2 the people Warning this music is for everyone 2 enjoy but specifically for Get Money Niggas & Fly Bitches it may motivate u 2 Get On Ya Grind & Take Risks In Search Of Reward.... #DragU2hell if u dont got this cd

Tiger "Oh Yea U Not Black? Woods"

this is wat happens when suckas try 2 be young players. they marry the first good looking bitch that chooses them. not knowing that the bitch choose them for nothing more then financial gain. and they start 2 feel they self like yea im the man lemme holla @ otha bitches. meanwhile the bitch that choose you like u a bitch has no respect for you cause she sees that your a lame ass sucka ass nigga so she wont tolerate or respect you fukn wit anotha bitch cause in her eyes its like "This corny cornball punk sucka faggot weirdo lame bitch soft terry cloth spineless swagless nerdy geek mutha fucka, has the nerve 2 cheat on me. then Crash Out goes ya back window with a golf club, and its wateva cuz now shes so disrespected that she dont give a fuk. and shes no longer willing 2 put up the front like she wanted 2 be wit you any way and was jus keepin up her end of the commitment 2 save face and not seem like a gold digger, now youve given her a lane 2 be like great im finally free and out because hes been unfaithful "Its not the fact that your unfaithful its the fact that your a lame and unfaithful" a bitch would expect and respect me cheatin cause i got a swag like a nigga wit mad bitches. u got a swag like (ummm excuse ahhh i was wondering ahhhh if its not 2 much trouble ahhhh quite possibly when your not busy ahhhh could u suck my dick" (CHRIS ROCK COMEDY SPECIAL VOICE). thats what u get for frontin. Ps. u dont have 2 be black we dont want you neither does ya wife. what you gon do now. its all fukd up now........ (PUFF DADDY VOice)

Hovain Hylton workin on "Bricks Bitches & Benzes"

In THe Studio Wit Hovain Hylton, "THe Hottest A&R Inda Streets" hosting his new project call "Bricks Bitches & Benzes" (more life style then music) Hovain team'd Up wit Upcoming bklyn club/mixtape dj DJ Uneek & Me Troy Ave to bring you a detailed autobiographical look into the life style of young niggas in da street gettin money. When Asked what inspired him to create a project wich is titled "BRICKS BITCHES & BENZES"..... He said " NUFFIN INspired Me i felt it was my obligation being a real nigga" When Dj Uneek Was Asked what made him wanna get involved wit the whole BSB movement he said...." naw nigga when i heard that "IM IN TRAFFICK" album and the way Troy Ave is Puttin It doown in the streets, Plus i got sum crazy beats 2 bring to the table. Yo it was a No Brainer"(dj uneek produced Track #3 Silky Smooth)stay tuned this has the climate of sum classic monumental shit. Ima try and figure out how 2 put a link 2 1 or 2 of the new songs of the project.

Bum Bitches smh the saga continues.... Inspired By @TroyAve written by L.Boogs

As women we should take pride in how we look, how we dress, how we smile, how we speak, how we appear to the outside world in general we as women should take pride in being Beautiful!! Image is everything it determines how people speak to us what kind of treatment they give us and what they expect from us. Too many women run around looking crazy and not being women and wonder why they get treated as such. My case in point and center of this piece . What is a BUM BITCH?? dont like calling our fine beautiful sistas bitches or referencing how someone looks at times because you can truly be in a low point in life and clothing and appearance can be the furthest thing from your mind. But ON any BUDGET as women we can secrete class and the epitamy of FAULOUSITY. So we start ........ why try if you dont have? If you find yourself on Canal or any Retail Bootlegger....Dont even buy the item. Women who wear fake bags ...are wannabes . Dont try to be someone your not we see right thru you. Go to a nice affordable store pick up Glamour, Lucky, or Vogue Magazine for the latest style purse or satchel and work from there. There are alot of simple affordable stores that carry similar bags to these latest styles and are very good bags with a unique touch. Trust me you will get way more compliments for staying in fashion and it wont kill your pockets. DO NOT try to be someone your not. Next if you can afford that designer bag and want to make a statement .Make the STATEMENT kill it...A true FLY BITCH doesnt have one but Many she stays in style . She has a bag for every color outfit , Every look and you probably wont see her in the same bag more than a few times. Shes in tune her clothes are the latest , her shoes are the latest, and her bags are NOT one or two she has a collection so back to my discussion.... If you have one or two not a problem make the statement...DO NOT OVERKILL the statement . Because you could afford ONE cream louis vuitton or jimmy choo does not mean it goes with every outfit in your closet... by doing this your not staying in tune with fashion instead your going back to that term BUM BITCH...why do you have the same bag on with everything..Come on Ladies we can do better.. Now clothing , hair, nails, feet , shoes.....From any budget we can look fabulous. Caring about how your hair looks. How your shoes look. Making sure your nails are polished feet are done. Simple maintenance goes a looooooooooooooooong way. Fashion is everywhere television magazines movies we can get ideas for the looks we want from anywhere if we pay attention and show some concern for how we portray ourselves. Why do a weave if your not going to tame it or maintain it or keep it looking good. Why leave that once beautiful locks which are now remnants of a dead cat on your head for way toooooooooooooooo long. The local dominicans or an at home wash and set can keep your hair healthy and shiny and looking good without the weave if you cant afford it. Now Clothes , with the latest trend of boutiques popping up everywhere from your cheapest to your priciest there is no explanation for why we cant look clean and classy. Carelessness and misguidance is the only reason to look crazy . And accept who you are DO NOT try to be someone your not. So if you cant step out in the latest editions frrom Saks and Bergdorf DO NOT do it to yourself !! Keep it simple, reasonable , and affordable and you will be fine. Do NOT fall victim to the bum bitch syndrome aka wannabes . And to bring it light what exactly this BUM BITCH syndrome is.... Trying to hard ,wearing the one expensive item you have over and over again ,wearing your friends clothing, not doing your hair, not doing your makeup , wearing any and everything to outings, not staying a breast on fashion , not being classy, wearing fake items , not letting go of that 10 year old jacket.. Being FABULOUS is a feeling ,a statement ,a strut, the way you talk walk . The way you carry yourself. Let your body be your statement. Do NOT be a BUM BITCH.... too many running around loss....Change is NOW!!

Food & Film

sauteed spinach penne pasta diced fried turkey pink marinara & parmesean sauce with melted mutza rella (Mozerella). i beat the shit out that plate. Believe me or ya eyes....... That bottle of Martinellis Sparkling Cider did the right thing 4 a nigga too (PAUSE).... PS. i ate this while watching NOTORIOUS on Cinemax on demand. Rich Hood Nigga SHit. (I Got All THe CHannels Lol) and by the way u cant tell me that the nigga playin "BIGGIE" aint the Same Person Who Played "PRECIOUS"


Inspired by the movie wich inspired a twitter topic which was inspired by the low tolerance for Trifiling ass bitches and bumb ass Niggas. ex: #DragU2hell if you have a thousand dollar stroller and your taking public transportaion. ex: #DragU2hell if you a chick and u fuked your homegirls Man or ex. thats mad wack. ex# DragU2Hell if your A Guy Poppin Mad Bottles In da club but dont take care of your fukin kids. or if you spend more money on ya girlfriend then your children, Mad Fuckin Wack, #FukOuttaHere......... #DragU2hell If u out frontin like u a Dboy 2. and you wearin fake jewelry take that monkey shit off. u misleading the youth. oh yea and #DragU2hell if ur a bitch who falls for fake niggas then wonder y when a real nigga starts fukn wit you and finds out. we look @ you like damn bitch u fuk'd wit that nigga, smh big time #TurnOff. (PS. I got a English Regents Diploma but if i spell things wrong i dont give a fuk 2 be honest, as long as my math is straight Im Good (Pharell & Clipse VOice) Follow Me On Twitter @TroyAve