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New Mens Christian Louboutin Sneaker.

Okay SO everybody appreciates a chic wit a good red bottom on. and by red bottom i dont mean a light skinded girls ass. i mean the Louboutin shoe that chics go crazy for. they run from about 350.00 and up. i kno because ive been fooled into going 2 the saks 7th floor many times and leaving with a bill. Only 4 my main bitch tho, dont get it twisted im no TRICK. anyways now 2 all my niggas that get suckerd or guilt tripped into buying thum red bottoms now we got a sneaker for them 2 buy us. Im not sure the bottom is red tho. Tell me what ya'll think. I might make shorty get me a pair jus cause i feel like she owes me 1.The New Mens Christian Louboutin SNeaker.......

Nasty Bitches who harbor Odor's

call me old fashion or wateva the word is when you seem to be against women. wtf is that word fuk. i hate when i cant remember easy shit. i got a fukn english regents diploma for god sakes........ummmmmmmmmmmmm oh cheavunistic (spell check that) but yea. i dont think that women should have any ordor's coming from theyre body. i hate oders on women ie: stink breath stink hair stink feet stink farts stink pussy's i would say(Vagina) but its my blog i'll say wateva i want. and jus anything that can stink. fukn ear peircing holes etc. so ya'll bitches need 2 stay on top of ya hygiene xtra hard. cuz its disgusting. i mean stomach turning... a bitch can never ever ever fart in front of me and that jus be okay, no. Ima have a problem with that. i once evn threw a bitch out my house for fartin. like literally " oh hell no u gotta go" and anotha thing i hate is chippy nail polish. get sum fukn 99cent nail polish remover and jus take the shit off. #DragU2hell if u a Trifling ass bitch.

Smh @ wat the fuk I see in the streets. 2pac said it best "and the Truth is there aint no hope 4 the Future" when da fuk did it become cool 2 Be a Geek/Nerd when did it become cool 2 dress Tight. When did it become cool 2 be a fuckin Rock Star. When did it become cool 2 wear fake Jewelry. When did it become cool 2 be a fukn Punk..
Bitches ya'll aint exempt. When did it become cool To wear weaves or get fake asses R U kiddin Me. #fukOuttaHere & #DragU2hell if u promote & condone that Bullshit. I blame the media & Music....
The Moral Of the Story Is Be Ya Fukn self If u aint happy wit ya Self then Go Kill Ya Self & let the Demons #DragU2Hell (Like the movie Ghost wit (Patrick Swayze) RIP (He Had sum cool Movies)