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Ok Bitch Thats cool but wat else u got

Every Year anybody that has known me will tell u i upgrade and progress. so if a chick is with me and she dont appreciate my progression and shes not progressing herself its a fukn turnoff. also if ur a bitch and u dealin with a nigga in da street u better hav more then jus a pretty face because those are a dime a dozen. and i mean literally i could and hav been fukn 12 good lookin bitches @ a time in the rotation. so ya'll bitches get ya credit up and ya social skills up and ya ideas and etc. bring sumthing 2 the table otha then sum pussy and a appetite. and if u dealin with a nigga with a big ego appreciate that shit . fuk u want a sucka wit no ego. #FukOuttaHere #DragU2hell