My Apple Oggies = Apology

My bad I aint been Bloggin In A minute ya'll i been busy in the studio and all that good shit. shot a few new videos for ya'll and all that too! hit me on twitter im bloggin on that bitch every day.............otha then that. New CD Release on da way, real big No Puff! Troy Ave Lowkey NMC Present " Bricks In My Backpack " Motion picture shit like a mufuka!!!!! i got a call today from a nigga from Belize who jus happen 2 buy my Im in Traffick album and he was like yo i jus listen 2 every thing else coming out of new york and u are by far da best. i jus dont understand y u r not signed yet wsup wit that u got some haters on u or sumthing?" I said My nigga i jus going wit the motion everything in time (In My Humble Voice) then he proceded 2 tell me he raps and wants 2 do a collab then i was like cool homie. but i charge for features so whenever u ready jus hit me. Long Story Long Im Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!