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Philippe Chows Express GONE but Not 4gotten

so Im shopping in the city bought a random ass $84 shirt from this place that i aint gon even name until they give me sum free shit, cuz i feel like they charged me 2 much. but yea like i said bought a shirt 2 match the new Fishscale Foamposites and got hungry so my nigga @hovain siad he feel like sum chicken from Philippes so im like fuk it its wateva. now me personally i dont even like philippes, im more of a chin chin's type of nigga grand marnier shrimp general tao's chicken plus 10 ingredients rice and all that, but nevertheless i fux wit the chicken satays from philippes, I like the One on 6th ave rather then the one off madison for 2 reasons.
1st reason its less expensive and 2nd but more importantly they got television in dat bitch. so i use 2 fall thru the spot and watch nba playoffs nfl games etc, etc. plus they bar is kinda dope 2. But long story long i heard rumors but never followed up since i had been on my chin chin's shit alot, shout out 2 my guy jimmy. anyhow me and hov go 2 fall thru the spot and come 2 the shocking realization that the rumors where true. that Mothafuka Was CLOSED, WHYYYYYY!!!! (WHite Guy at the end of the movie "THE MIST" VOice)