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Ask Troy Ave Via http://www.nerdatthecooltable.com/2011/03/ask-troy-ave.html

ASK TROY AVE via www.NerdAtcoolTable.com

Yo, the other night me and my girl were arguing....nothing
major...just our typical disagreement. So after a hr i calm down and
walk into the room to try to get some make up sex. It's about to go
down when i hear her phone ring.....its 1am.......i'm in my head like
"who is that???" .... so she answers the phone and nervously starts
talking on the phone....long story short its some nigga she gave her #
to at a bar. She claims its the first time he ever called and that she
gave him the # too weeks ago. She said she never had any thought of
giving the dude the time of day......Ave, is this complete bullshit,
is it a good chance this dude is piping my queen??? ....Should i just
say fuck it?....Leave her???? .... What u think ave and what would u ?

Lenard from Cleveland

Damn Homie Damn! fuck shit (sighs) and Got DAMN!

Again, these bitches aint shit, Nuffin at all. "hoes and tricks" in the word of #RipNateDogg or maybe snoop said it but wateva. (sighs) again smh. Yo i've been in this same type of trifling ass situation wit 2 different bitches in my life. One of em was a flat out hoe and i was like 17, but she was all i knew at the time and i wasn't getting mad OD bitches like i do now. Another 1 wasn't a hoe it was kind of like me neglecting her and these women need attention so sometimes they use niggas for "Phone Buddies".

But man at the same time these hoes is like lotto "Hey, Ya Neva Know" . u gotta examining ya relationship to really know if she would do some cheating whore shit. Then u gotta ask ya self if u care enuff 2 even give a fuck. The way im on it is if i even see any sign of a bitch doing some sneaky hoe side shit i'm 86'n her ass. Now 86'n don't mean a complete cut off but now its no holds bars. You might be open 2 fucking 1 of her friends, which is some grimy shit 2 do but she's showing in her actions that shes not worthy of un-grimy treatment and u may not go out with her mite even start taking some of ya otha bitches more seriously to the point of at any day u can just be up and gone!.

All that "i gave the nigga my # 2 weeks ago" is still some hoe shit, fuck is she trying 2 tell u "she was feeling like a slut 2 weeks ago" c'mon b. #RealBitchesDont cheat on niggas they just leave them if they that fed up. And That's A fact because #RealBitchesDOnt Never wanna worry about being pregnant and not knowing who the father is. So all in all ima say start looking for a new bitch becuz she already showed you that when u get her upset shes lookin for new niggas. ....

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Ps. #ThatsNotYaGirLiF Niggas is baggin her

Troy Ave,

I been with my bf for almost a year now.. He's great and the sex is
the best I ever had. Nigga got me scratching walls and crying and
shit..All good shit,but....The last time we were at a party and we got
mad dusted and drunk and some how I ended up fucking him and his
nigga. At the same time...He seems ok now but I'm still kinda fucked up
about it. Never had two dicks at once before and I think he wants to
do it again..What do I do????

Meeka from Delaware

My man @hovain said "1st of all Baby U give me a call since u like fuckin 2 niggas at once" Lol

But damn Dust, & Alcohol & sex with ya BF & his nigga?! U kinda sounding like a hoe #realShit. Man idk, damn! I mean if ya man is cool with that then he's a weirdo, & he"ll probably do some catastrophic life altering shit down the line that you won't approve of... or he don't consider u a serious girlfriend. No real or mentally stable nigga is gonna want his girlfriend 2 fuck another nigga & just be cool with it. That's some pervert shit.

u might need 2 stay with him because if u leave he mite get bitter and put ya bizness out there. Got DAMN! At least u coulda had a 3 some with 2 random ass niggas, but fuck it here's what u do......
Just play it cool & act like nuffin ever happened & if they bring it up don't act embarrassed. Embrace it head on (no pun intended) & talk about it like it wasn't all that & try 2 play it off like its a common thing & a lot of chicks that u know tried it & u just said fuck it wateva, this way u don't look like such a hoe & it'll kinda throw them off if they planned on using it against u because it'll seem like u don't even give a fuk!

Troy Ave,

Read the 10 Craft Commandments and I realized that I been tricking on
a bitch I ain't even hit yet. I just wanna know how to from tricking
to just getting it.. I been talking to her for about 6 months now.
Bought her some shit I got the money for it so that's not the issue,
but every time I wanna get close she always got an excuse..After
reading the commandments I feel like she trying to play me....

James from CT

The transition from "Trickin 2 Stickin" is often a difficult 1 depending on wat stage of the trickin you're in. U may be in the early stage where the woman dosen't really know what she can get or how much she can get out of you but she knows she can get something so she's kind of feeling u out. You still got leverage there.

Or u can be in the stage where you're looked at as only a trick similar 2 being in the friend zone & if she's not a hoe she's not gonna fuck you because only hoes fuck tricks. Real Bitches jus let them spend the money & lead them on with the hopes of 1 day being able 2 even smell the pussy if they do everything perfect. .. I've heard cases of deep stage 3 trickin where the most the trick gets is 2 eat the pussy. But I've never been a trick so idk.

I've took wrong directions & went down the trail 2 trick road & quickly turned off ie; had a bitch we went out 2 eat she aint give me no pussy cool. Then the next time she wanted 2 go eat I said nah we'll order take out & go 2 the crib the bitch orderd the most expensive shit on the chinese menu it was like some Moi Gu Pan Special, like some shit nobody ever orders & i asked the bitch "oh is that what u usually eat, how does it taste" the bitch studderd. I knew she was lyingl. When that food came along with my order I think it was like $21, only $3.50 of that order was mine. "Good O'l 4 wings cut up & rice hot sauce & ketchup & bbq sauce" so I knew the delivery man aint have change for a hundred I pulled out $704 dollars. 7 hundred dollar bills & 4 singles. Then I told the bitch yo he don't take change but u got money on u right? Again the bitch studderd & was like can't u just get change. I said Nope & that hoe didn't eat BABY! Powderrrr!...

U gotta be aggressive on some shit like yo let's go away 2 a hotel for a weekend on a trip go do some shopping etc etc. But when u get there on that 1st night go for that pussy if she front cool. Go shopping the next day for ya self only tho. & when she tries 2 pick up some shit for herself, u say nah. U tell me NO & ima tell u NO. We gon keep it fair baby! Then next nite u try 4 the pussy again if she fronts on you. Leave that bitch in Atlantic City or wherever, because "Revenge is like the sweetest joy next to gettin Pussy"...

Posted by The Nerd At The Cool Table