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Inspiration from Discouragement

Im sittin in the crib fuckin around and this MTV 2 segment come on and they talkin bout the XXL freshman 2011 cover and im like man why da fuk i aint on that shit. Im better then everybody on there we can take a poll made up of actual established and successful artist and tastemakers and im willing to put up 40 thousand cash as a bet that i'll win. but then this corny diggy simmons nigga wit a chip on his shoulder is sounding mad ungrateful towards his pops like my dad and my uncle aint the reason why im here. nigga yes da fuk they are. shit like that piss me off cause these fuk boys representing new york the totally wrong way and real niggas got real problems and wouldnt be mad at they father for being successful and paving a way. plus not too mention what type of fukin corny msg does it send to hip hop fans when u put fuckin cry baby faggots and corny ass niggas on the cover of a magazine and say they the new niggas in hip hop. i feel like the covers wack and the magazine was outta touch with reality and Fred The God SOn is fuckin CORNY! the nigga got Robbed but it gets worst. He was ROBBED AND THE JEWELRY THAT HE GOT ROBBED FOR WAS FAKE!!!! that automatically should eliminate u from any discussions of any covers or anything hip hop related. then niggas who robbed him was on world star hiphop with the fake jewelry talking shit and nobody got killed or injured after that. man listen i dont like pussy's frontin thru raps its misleads the youth. and god forbid a lil nigga hear u rappin bout some shit that you not living but he's impressionable and be like nah such & such said this how u pose 2 give it up and he goes out and hustles or shoots and robs or pimps hoes etc, thats irresponsible of the artist saying that shit and who ever is promoting that shit Now if u live it then its a different story. your allowed to tell people about that because thats your story and while you may not tell the pros and cons of the lifestyle you have the ability if need be. these otha niggas will get a person in a jam then when they try 2 look to ya music or you for the answer you have nuffin for them. its like saying yea be fly jump outta planes my nigga shit real. but when niggas like wheres the parachute string u dont even know what a parachute is.... i was feeling like damn what a nigga gotta do to win. be a fake nigga or a corny nigga or wear tight pants no can do. i draw inspiration from the discouragement and hit the studio. BRICKS IN MY BACKPACK 2 (POWDER 2 THE PEOPLE) coming soon