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ASK TROY AVE via www.nerdatthecooltable.com

Dear Troy Ave,
 What up ave? I got a problem that I need your expertise with. I’ve been finding different ways to make money through different “businesses”. And I figured why not employ my Nigga. He’s been my right hand man since we was shorties in pampers so it’s only right that I help him get on his feet. The only problem is I’m taking L’s by fronting him the work. This is the third time he’s had an excuse for why I can get my money. The first time it was the police, the second time he LOST it, the third time he got robbed. I’m starting to feel like I’m getting swindled. What should I do?
 Bink from Chicago
 Its hard 2 start business for friends that already ain’t in business for themselves. The whole thing with fronting somebody work wether they’re a friend, associate or stranger is  you don’t take em level 0 to level 10. They already gotta have something going on which u build upon. Example…. If somebody re’n up on 100 grams. U might Throw em a extra 20. Because u know that they’re gonna have at least the money 2 pay u back for your 20 because they’re re up count is 100 cash. Now if somebody re up is 0 grams  don’t give them 20. Or if they’re re-Up is 30 grams u don’t front them 50. Because they’re money aint even at the capacity 2 pay u back if they fuck up your product.
 Another thing is you gotta beware of people who ask u 2 front them. u should be the 1 offering 2 front the work. 9 times out of 10 a Bum ass Nigga 2day is gonna Be a Bum ass Nigga 2morrow. You gotta look into the real reason why they’re broke. If u can’t manage $1 u def won’t be able 2 manage $100. Another thing ….. with friends & family they have that comfortable feeling like “Yo what’s the worst that’s gon happen he won’t kill me”. So long story long don’t fuck wit friends or anybody for that matter that don’t have there own. Fuck Start ups & Hand Outs. We all On the Grind. A Bum ass Nigga might have $3 but he wants to buy hot wings & fries that cost $5. I might have $40 but the lobster & steak at ruth chris cost $62. Its all the same struggle jus a different Bracket.
 Dear Troy Ave, 
 I’m digging this chick but i peeped her twitter page and she mad wreckless on there. Talking to mad dudes and tweeting wild shit. Kinda making me skeptical. Should I not take her tweets so serious or believe what i’m reading? 
 Lamar from St Louis
There’s Truth In Every Tweet! Man If that Bitch On There talking crazy, Believe her. If a Bitch Tweets Like a Hoe she’s probly a hoe & if she’s doing it jus for attention then she aint a bitch that u want anyway, Don’t like or love these Hoes. Jus Fuck Em & make sure u got Bricks In My Backpack 2 POWDER to The People Playing In the Background.
 Dear Troy Ave, 
 Smh ave my best friend bugging out. I was on facebook the other day and i seen him taking picture with the smooch lips face. Shit mad me mad uncomfortable. Should I scream on him about it? It was the most tender pic i ever seen. I feel my best friend kind of represents me….and him taking pics wit the zoolander face gonna have people thinking my whole crew is tender….Need your advice. 
 Harv from Delaware 
Well For Starters My Nigga, Never Call a another Man your “Best Friend”. & yea ya homie is buggin the fuk out. U should without a shadow of a doubt G check that nigga. Aint nothing funny about being gay, unless your actually Gay!… Better yet u should never even have 2 question or approach ya man about no gay shit. If u think it then its enough grounds 2 curve him. Pause the word Curve too