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Why do guys feel the need to get naked pictures from girls when they are in a relationship? Is it because they’re tired of seeing the same boobs & ass they’ve been seeing for years? Is it the thrill? Because a girl who gets a dick pic…will most likely be disgusted unless she asked for it. Or is it to see how far they can reach with the girl just to tell his boys she sent him a picture?
Stacey from Ohio
that’s a good question with a simple answer…..most Men are visually stimulated and most Women are mentally stimulated. Its like a  ”MOVIE” & a “SONG” . Girlfriends and chicks that you fucked already are Movies, while there’s some good ones that you’ll see over and over again like Good Fellas, Casino, New Jack City etc. For the Most Part when you’ve seen it once that’s enough but on the other Hand. NEW BITCHES are Like “SONGS” you’ll listen and pay attention 2 them multiple times until you fuck…. so its nothing personal with a nigga getting naked pictures. 10 times out of 10 he’s cheating on you and “That’s a Fact” on a related note. “THE ONLY THING BETTER THEN GOOD PUSSY Is NEW PUSSY”…. #POWDERrrr!
Dear troy ave….
Smh, i still live at home. I’m 24 yrs old, working, in school, and coaching. I’ve been doing a terrible job of juggling all the components with my free time. I drink every night to unwind but end up staying up late as Hell to make up for the lost “me time”. How do you suggest I keep doing what I’m doing without losing “me” in the process? With each responsibility I add on I just feel more and more washed up. Help.
Samantha from jersey
okay for starters unless the coaching is paying your bills you gotta get rid of that shit. Nothing wrong with living at home if your stacking your money and have a long term plan when you move out …to perhaps buy real estate or etc. Drinking every night is cool as long as you don’t get drunk every night Then your abusing alcohol. Other then that u appear to be one of those people who like to do alot of nothing so that you feel like your keeping busy. When in reality if you concentrate all your energy into 1 major goal you can probably be successful. So for starters.  go download TROY AVE BRICKS IN MY BACKPACK 2 [Powder To The People] http://hulkshare.com/an5lvtawyfx7 that should get you motivated…
Dear troy ave…….
I have a simple question. As a man, what is the most important thing for you to remain happy and faithful in a relationship?
Kelli from san Diego
Happy hmmm… Its usually a combination of things that varies depending on the “MAN” but for the most part 1. Don’t be a Bug [most things that women feel are important and want to nit pick and pester and bug men about because you've taken it personal that we seem uninterested or inconsiderate  to your feelings about are really not that important.] When you equate the fact that we haven’t dissed you maliciously you shouldn’t be upset. We don’t know any better. It’s like a baby spilling food on its clothes. They’re not doing it for you to have 2 wash they’re clothes again but thats how women take shit. “LITERALLY”
 2. Dont ask questions about shit that you already know the answer to or don’t want to know the answer to. If you think ya nigga cheating and you not ready 2 leave him…..why argue about it?
3. just be a overall cool bitch. If niggas wanna watch sports let niggas watch sports. Go in the other room and watch bad girls club or basketball wives and jus call out every 45 mins to a hr. “Baby you need anything”
4. always… even if you’re not …. always be in the mood to have sex when the man wants it…. cause if you not, after a few attempts, all that does is green light the cheating and makes it more ruthless and justified!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Other then that. Listen to BRICKS IN MY BACKPACK 2. play it loud. your nigga will be impressed. [ i mean most men appreciate a chick who fuks with Gangsta rap }