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#TheLionsDen Presents-TroyAve Powder to the people September 27, 2011 by thelionwords

#TheLionsDen Presents-TroyAve Powder to the people

Introduce yourself to the people
Troy Ave aka Harry Powder, Brooklyn New York Occupation: Dope Boy / Aspiration: Rapper / Hobbies: Gettin Money / Goals & Ambitions: Gettin Wealthy enough off music to get out the streets
If you could sum up your entire style in one word what would it be
 My Entire Style In 1 Word: DOPE!
You come equipped with a co-sign from one of the game’s biggest stars in Fabolous. Did that make you nervous at all about somebody that revered for their lyrical ability saying you were nice?
Did the Fab Co-Sign Make Me Nervous…. Nah, Not in the least bit. i thrive under the spotlight! if anything all that did was confirm the thoughts of myself & everybody else that actually ever listened 2 my music. i mean if u pick 10 random people who like hip hop, they could be any race creed gender age etc. at least 8 out of 10 will agree that my music sounds good. and thats a Fact, if they dont like it then its more then likely that its for a personal reason, like i either fucked they girl or a girl they like or i sent violence to them or someone they cool with. these are all facts. i dont mean it in a cocky way. im just confident in my abilities because i work hard and condition myself for this shit. but otha then that nah the Fab cosign is like a nigga in a Flying Spurr Telling you that your New body s550 is hot. u know its nice cause u bought it, but it means alot coming from somebody in a Bentley.
When you first start rapping and how long into it did you realize you really good make moves in this game
I 1st started rapping like seriously and not jus smoking weed and freestyling with my friends  when 50 cent started putting out the g-unit mixtapes, then when he got that shady deal i was like yea. this shit could happen
Your flow is laid back compared to the very aggressive atmospherie of Brooklyn you always have that style?
yea my flow is me. im a laid back gettin money fuckin wit bitches having fun laughs with my niggas type of nigga. so when niggas rap differently then how they are thats a tale tale sign that they’re a Fraud. Real niggas dont gotta be all loud and wild thats a defense mechanism for niggas who aint really like that. so they mimic what they would be afraid of and in some cases after acting it out for a while and getting away with it they become that person mainly because a majority of the population is non- altercational. so that works for them until they run into the wrong nigga and get rested! but u can ask around im just about as aggressive as the best of them when need be.
One thing you have to respect about you is you didn’t lean on your co-sign from Fabolous and become lazy you put in work on your own with “bricks in my backpack” did you worry at all about that plan not working
Nah i didnt worry about the plan not working because at the end of the day my bills gon get paid with or without rap. i’d much rather pay em with some easy non criminal rap money tho. but when u go into putting out projects all u can do is put ya best effort into it and throw it out there. its gon be what its gon be
I noticed that you work closely with a lot of upcoming artist from NY like Winkloc. That unity is rare in New York. Is that something you plan to continue w/this new tape
Yea i believe in spreading luv its da bk way. im the 1 who started that whole #SpreadLuvItsDaBkWay and Power & Unity. what happens in Ny alot of the time is niggas be so busy wit the fake love and hating on each other that it becomes a crab in the barrel effect. and the other niggas that got in the door of the rap game slammed dat shit shut! i be studying whats goin on in rap seeing as how its a bizness that i aspire to get into and iv’e noticed that Georgia and Florida had it on lock for a minute. it started with atlanta as far back as i could remeber it was the dungeon family and outkast and they would all do records with each other and make music and co sign other artist coming up that way if you the hot nigga but u cosigned another nigga a yr ago when u cool off and now the other niggas hot he put u on a remix and u remain relevant and he puts out a nother nigga and so on and so on. same thing as in florida, all thum niggas do features with each other and stay relevant and stay getting money, none of these older niggas pull up the new niggas in new york, but i dont give a fuck cause im self made anyway and ima get mines regardless. so to answer your question, yes u will see me collaborating with other new york artist, but at my discretion i got about 16 r 17 records right now in my gmail waiting for features, some paid and some favors. i aint a hoe so im not doing shit with jus anybody for money cause then it makes my verses irrelevant and no longer rare. but i will help niggas that i fuk wit from new york any way i can as long as they keep it fair, if i feel like artist aint reciprocating the love or they showing fake phony really dont like me but gotta fuk wit me cause im bout 2 burn da fukin streets up love,, then its Dead!
Where did that cool ass “alright alright” come from
ummmm. the alright alright shit i dont even know. its jus being in the booth swaggin out & shit. if you a cool nigga ya adlibs gon be cool and jus come across smooth. cause un like lyrics. ad libs are all improv so u jus go wit the feeling. shit my new adlib POWDERrrr! is winning right now tho lol
What producers and guest spots did you work with on this newest tape
man alot. My Nigga Chase N Cashe, Prodigy of Mobb Deep of course. Rich Hil, Killa Kyleon, Mila Brown, who also was on my last album Lifes So Good and On Fabolous ‘s Soul Tape Pain. ummm.  Paul Cain, Wink Loc, Push Montana, Clay Hillman, Tony Collins. and Producers alot of niggas. DJ Uneek,  Prafit LGM, Brian Allonce, John Scino Heart Stoppas. Clay Hillman, Sunny Dukes, Chase N Cashe, John Santana, Josh Lamont, B. Carter, Top Secret and a few others. i get alot of beat submissions lol
What can people expect from this tape compared with bricks in my backpack
this tape is more graphic like if the last joint was rated R, This shit is Rated X
What’s one feature you want before your career is over more than anybody else
1 feature i want. gotta be 50 cent dats it.
What’s the one record of yours you would tell somebody to listen to if they have never heard of troy ave
If anybody wants to get in contact with you how they do that?
me @troyave
Download link for Troy Ave Bricks in my backpack 2 Powder to the people–
Download link for Troy Ave Bricks in my backpack 1-