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Dear Troy Ave, 
I’ve been living with my boyfriend for 2 years now, he lives at my house, drives my car and barely puts in for shit. He makes money here and there from “side jobs” but instead of putting in at home he blows it all on bs. I work full time, go to school and take care of home and he’s doing nothing but bringing me down. I’ve tried to kick him out before but he always finds a way back in. I’ve even changed the locks and  he broke into my house and was waiting in the couch when I got home. How do I get rid of him for good?!
well 1st and foremost the hardest part is over, you’ve done what most women can’t or wont do, and thats not only identify but come to terms with the fact that your boyfriend is a bum ass nigga!…. okay now 2nd i do not condone police activities amongst couples or people in the street, if a woman or man ever calls the cops on their significant other, that should be the last time they’re ever together because anything can happen once the cops get involved. Seeing as how you want this relationship to come to an end and your not in the street, you are what us street niggaz refer to as a civilian and for civilians police activity is 100% acceptable. Change your locks again, call the cops and get an order of protection on this bum ass leeching violating lil nigga! Don”t take him back unless you wanna just assume the role of the man and he’s your lil bitch that u fuck with. Instead of getting his hair & nails done & buying bags, you can just give him hair cut money, bags of weed & new foamposites.
Dear Troy Ave, 
I’m looking to start a blog. Just an outlet to express myself. I’m new to the whole website/blog thing so I need you to school me to a few blogs I should visit before I begin creating mines.
It depends on what you into. heres a few that i fuck with www.40ozvannyc.tumblr.com www.freeOnsmash.com www.nerdatthecooltable.com
 www.youheardthatnew.com theres a few others but i dont really be on the blogs like that unless i put out some new shit. oh yea they got like bossip and mediatakeout, that’s for like gossip and shit too.
Dear Troy Ave,
A married man is trying to pursue me. He says his marriage is irrelevant when it comes to me. Basically, he tells me he doesn’t give a fuck about his wife. He’s cool but it’s foul how he disrespects his wife. What should I do?
You should either fuck with him or dont fuck with him. Depends on your morals and shit, but as far as anything else goes you should mind your motherfuckin bizness. Don’t go tryin to be a hero/ private eye investigator because 9 times out of 10 the bitch already knows that the niggas a dog, and dont flatter yourself or be naive….you aint the 1st women that he’s pursued outside of his marriage. From the jist of your question i get the notion that you may have an attraction to this guy. so like i said if you wanna slide and get ya rocks off go head, me personally i wouldn’t fuck with no married bitch more than once. Being involved in an affair is wack! and i dont wanna be around somebody that fucked up that’ll break an oath that they took before god