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i Woke Up Early "TROY AVE BACK!!!!"

i often check myself when i feel like im slippin or becoming to complacent, so to make a long story long. i told myself "Self..... you need to get back on your mufukin grind nigga, this internet shit got you lazy to actually getting out in the streets and touching the people with your music the way you used to. I came to the conclusion that even in damn near 2012 everybody does not have a computer, and some people that do know little to nothing about using the internet, let alone going to a site like youheardthatnew.com 2dopeboyz.com FreeOnsmash.com NerdAtTheCoolTable.com etc. etc. The Foundation of my Fanbase comes from the street,  because i built it from the street, hood to motherfuckin hood, out the trunk of my Chevy Tahoe at the time, too the trunk of my F150 pick up. to the trunk of my CLS Mercedes Benz and now its gonna be out the trunk of my new shit! Majority of niggas that fuk with my music from New York. i'd say about 90% of them dont know the websites that i named earlier, and those are pretty dope sites. its jus that they dont look for find or hear new music there. The Bootlegger and Mixtape is still alive and well! and thats the number 1 source for streets niggaz to get they're music from.  Now what fucked me up is i got lazy and confused all of the new fans that iv'e created threw these new "Avenues" (No Pun intended) as my total fan base, which is proven not to be true everyday that i go outside and a nigga be like "yo Oh Shit Troy Ave whats good, yo i fux wit you son i still got ya last mixtape. and they name either "IM IN TRAFFICK" or TROY AVE IS THE FUTURE... . u see its like this ex; say you hustling and you got a weed spot that makes you $4,000 a week. then you open up a crack spot that makes you $4,000 a week but you only work 3days out the week.  so u fall back from the weed spot. now to your pockets you good cause your still making that 4k per week. but in reality your complacents is cause you to lose out on 4k and therefore not make or reach your full potential of  $8,000 per week. ... And Thats What the Internet along with jus chillin and gettin money did to me. 1,0000 downloads in a day is cool, but its a fact that i can move 100 cds a day so when those downloads cool off those sales out the trunk wont and that 1,000 aint looking like shit compared to that 3,000 sold in a month. and at $3-$5 you do the math. TROY AVE is Back, AND IM COMING FOR ALL THE MONEY, NICKELS DIMES & PENNY'S accepted! POWDER..... waking up early everyday from now on and gettin my black ass out my crib, because the more i stay home the later it gets and i jus spin around in circles until 5pm and the days over by then.  Ima Video Tape All this shit so niggas can see that i do shit that most cant, standing on fulton st. or in time square selling your music is corny. im selling in the hood cause i make it for the hood. not fuckin tourist B. with that said MORE POWDER TO YOU! 
Bricks In My Backpack 2  re-masterd [link below] ~