Steve Stoute's My Take on Tanning ft.Troy Ave ... posted by Sophie Ash

 Steve Stoute 
"My take on Tanning" featuring .... whats yours???
26 minutes ago Name: Troy Ave
Age: 26Race: African-AmericanFrom: BrooklynOccupation: HustlerTwitter: @TroyAve
What’s the racial make-up of your friends?
Mixed, but mostly urban… mirrors my environment (Black and Hispanic). Got some close white friends too though.
What box do you check for race on the U.S. Census form?
If ever I even fill out the Census, I check Black or African-American, whateva’s there.
What’s your favorite musical mashup of all-time?
I’m not familiar with the term “musical mashup,” but my favorite album is 2pac’s 
All Eyez On Me and almost anything Biggie-related is cool seeing as how I’m from Brooklyn. Might be biased, but Bricks In My Backpack 2: Powder To The People is my favorite at the moment music-wise.
A recent Gallup/USA Today poll found that many Americans feel that Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream of racial equity has been achieved. What do you think?
Hell motherfuckin’ no, MLK’s dream ain’t been achieved; there’s been achievements … B But only an ignorant fool or a person who has not been victim to racism would say something so as asinine as “Racial equality has been achieved.” I’m constantly pulled over for D.W.B. (driving while black) in a nice car, and if you’re not in a nice car but you’re four deep, you gettin’ pulled over for lookin’ suspicious… How the fuck does four black men riding in a car together look suspicious? So what, we might be wearing hoods… It’s cold outside. So what, we’re four deep in a car… 9.5 times out of 10 the other three guys are catching a ride ’cause they can’t afford to purchase a vehicle, let alone the insurance & gas price. Racism is abundant in the less fortunate communities and from what I’ve noticed these same communities are targeted by law enforcement – FACT! We all have the same laws in New York, and the less severe ones are followed & broken by most. But in the poorer communities, the law is enforced more i.e. in Brownsville or Crown Heights if you ride a bicycle on the sidewalk, you will be stopped and ticketed. God forbid you don’t have an ID or you’ll be arrested. I’ve witnessed this with my own eyes! In the same city, but a different area like Park Slope, you can ride your bike on the sidewalk and wave hello to the police. I’ve seen three white women do this on separate occasions. Now what I’ve taken from that is that the laws are enforced more in the poorer communities because the people there are more likely to not know their rights and be irresponsible, which has shown true with their financial state. So therefore, a ticket will be unanswered, which will turn into a warrant, which will turn into jail, which turns into a check for the city &#8212 quota. And I’m done typing bout racism, but believe me that shit exists like a mufuka.
What do you think of Jay-Z’s statement that “Hip-hop has done more than any leader, politician, or anyone to improve race relations”?
I think Jay-Z’s statement is absolutely true. Music and sports!
What are your musical tastes in terms of genres and artists you listen to and who puts you on to new music?
In no particular order I listen to Lil Boosie, 50 Cent, The-Dream, Gucci Mane, Rick Ross, Jeezy, Troy Ave (of course), Fabolous, Lil Wayne, and mad other artists who I like songs from. I’m sure I left mad people out but fuck it, I listen to Rich Hil, Chase N Cashe and some others but those my homies so maybe they don’t count lol. Oh, and my brother 
@Hovain puts me on to a lot of new music and @HofOnsmash been puttin’ me onto new shit lately too.
How important is race when it comes to dating or marriage and do you have a preference when it comes to dating or marriage based on race?
Nah, I just like pretty chicks with fat asses. Sometimes they black, sometimes they Spanish, and with all the advancements in technology now, sometimes they’re even white…
Do your parents care if you date or marry outside your race and do they have a preference in terms of race when it comes to who you date or marry?
Nah my family don’t care. I have interracial relationships within my family right now and I’ve never heard any behind-the-back racism towards it.
How do you feel about others who date outside their race?
IDGAF, you know what that means? I DON’T GIVE A FUCK! Marry and date who the fuck you want; who cares? Though I don’t have kids yet, if I have a daughter, I might want her to marry a black guy or a cool ass white dude like my homies.
Does it bother you when people of a certain ethnicity prefer not to date within their own race (i.e. African-American guy preferring white girls, Asian-American girl who doesn’t date Asian guys, etc.)?
Nope, don’t bother me at all. It’s called preference.
Do you think that the trends of minorities becoming the majority and whites becoming the minority in this country will have a positive or negative impact on race relations?
Nah, ’cause you can be the minority but have the majority of the money and power, and racism is only effective with power behind it. For example, somebody could say they hate black people… So what, who cares? But now let them not say it but show it in their actions when they are in a position of power to hire a black person for a job… then it affects you.
In what aspects of your life is race still a factor?
Just gettin’ pulled over and shit. Other then that, I don’t work for anyone and I pretty much go out to places where they don’t see no color but GREEN.
What’s the most racist thing that’s ever happened to you?
I used to go to schools in majority white neighborhoods because they had better education (mainly because there were more registered voters and taxpayers in the area), and a kid called me a nigga and I beat the shit out of him, that’s all.
Do you have a problem with non-African-American people who grew up on hip-hop using the n-word?
Yes I do have a problem with it (not so much DJ Khaled because he’s a Muslim), but it’s not okay for white people to use the N-word unless they’re reciting a hip-hop song. You see Eminem don’t use it and he grew up around nothing but niggaz.
What was your reaction to Barack Obama being elected president?
My reaction to Obama’s election as president was amazed, accomplished, vindicated, jubilant, proud, motivated, etc. It’s like the ceiling was removed, or if not removed at least it’s just a glass roof. Now if Herman Cain gets elected I’ll lose my fuckin’ mind; that means they just letting any nigga be president. George W. Bush really fucked up the country so bad that they lettin’ black men give it a shot. Lol.
What is your tanning moment?
Had to be Obama getting elected. Yep, totally that was my tanning moment.