TOP 8 Albums Of The Summer

This is Crazy for me to even be compared with these other artist because they are way more famous then me, and im the only nigga up here reppin for nyc

TOP 10 *(Top 8 edition)* – Albums Of the Summer

Posted 21 Sep 2011 — by A Guy From Brooklyn
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People always complain nowadays about how music is wack now, it ain’t the same, radio plays the same songs, blah, blah, blah. My response to that is, if you want to hear good music, you gotta find it. In the past 7 years or so, I can say I’ve heard a lot more good shit consistently these last 2 years than the other 5 years before that. More specifically, this summer has had a good run of consistent, entertaining music. Since we’re at the end of summer officially in a few days, I’ve decide to do a list of MY favorite albums/mixtapes this summer. (The list is only 8 because I didn’t care or want to hear everything, and it’s only fair to rate stuff that I’ve heard right?) Let’s begin…..

#8. Gucci Mane & Wacka Flocka Flame, “Ferrari Boyz”
If you have an album full of great production, then you have me halfway sold. This album has that, courtesy of Drumma Boy, Southside, Lex Luger and others. Gucci Mane and Wacka may not have the best lyrics, but they have a certain type of energy and delivery on the mic, that made this album enjoyable and entertaining.
Favorite Joints: “Ferrari Boyz”, ‘Suicide, Homicide”, “In My Business”
#7. Troy Ave, “BIMB 2: Powder 2 The People
Troy Ave continues to elevate his game with the release of Bricks In My Backpack 2. You get the same gritty, gangsta music from Troy as in the past, but like I said it’s elevated. More experiments with different flows that worked out, dope beats, and a list of guest appearances where ALL the features shined, and you got yourself  something special.
Favorite Joints: “50 Cent”, “Motion Picture”, “Silver Grey”

#6. Curren$y, “Weekend At Burnies”
Currensy gives you more of what you should already expect from him. That’s a good thing and a bad thing. Good because  if you know what to expect you won’t be dissappointed.  Bad because I’m ready to hear Currensy expand and experiment little more and get out of his comfort zone. Nonetheless, Weekend At Burnie’s is the shit, and with music videos being so corny and uncreative nowadays, the videos of his two singles (“#JetsGo”  and “She Don’t Want A Man”) were a breath of fresh air, not to mention both of them are already in my top 5 favorite Currensy songs of all time.
Favorite Joints: *Read above*

#5. Dom Kennedy, “From The Westside With Love 2″
Just as with Currensy, if you’ve been listening to Dom for a while, you know what to expect, and this album doesn’t disappoint. From the beginning to the end, it’s like an old school west coast block party. I felt like I was in Cali when I zoned out and listen to this. Consistent overall, you can listen straight through. Out of all the summer release, this definitely has the most “summer” feel to it.
Favorite Joints: “When I Come around”, “Grind’n”

#4. Jay-Z & Kanye West,  “Watch The Throne”
Honestly, I didn’t expect to hear greatness or a classic album when I listened to this…and it wasn’t. It’s pretty good though. Jay-Z is probably my favorite rapper of all time, but at this point I’m tired of listening to him. He’s still better than most out there, but Kanye showed more hunger on this album. I like how they experimented and spoke on different topics, and as usual the production was on point. With artist of their magnitude, you expect some out of this world crazy shit. I can say that they have some potential classic songs on here, but not a classic album. I can almost listen to the whole thing, but there’s one or two tracks I have to skip. Still, it’s good enough to be #4 for the summer.
Favorite Joints: “No Church In The Wild”, “Murder To Excellence”, “Made In America”

#3. Terius Nash, “1977″
The Dream was slacking for a good minute…until he put out “1977″. This mixtape/album/EP or whatever, reminds me of when Mary J. Blige was on her depressing, I can’t take no more phase. During that time she released some of her best music, and it’s the same way with “1977″. Not all, but most of the songs have a “fuck you, you no good bitch” mentality. And The Dream does a good job with that mentality. Misery loves company, and when misery’s company is a beat for a writer to write on, classic shit comes out at the end. The vibe, lyrics, and melodies, all work well together.
Favorite Joints: “Used To Be”, Miss U Still”
#2. Kendrick Lamar,  ”Section 80″
This was a banger from beginning to end. Great concepts. His ability to create these concepts and still spit hot shit with a crazy flow is what makes him and this album stand out. He’s got a song about how girls love their man, then hate him, and eventually turn lesbian. A song about how he hates when his girl wears make up only to find out she wears it to hide a black eye. So on and so on. You can easily listen to it straight through without skipping anything. Cali is making a comeback with all these dope artists coming out.
Favorite Joints: “ADHD”, “Hol’ Up”, “Ronald Regan Era”

#1. Game, “The R.E.D. Album”
Honestly, my top 3 are all classics in my opinion. I don’t throw the word classic around often, it’s just that I can listen to these albums without skipping a track and after weeks, and months I’m still not tired of them. The reason why the Red album is #1? I don’t know, I just enjoy it a little more than #2 and #3. and the fact that this shit goes hard all the way through! Game spits with a certain kind of energy I haven’t heard since probably his first album. He sounds like he had a lot he wanted to get of his chest and he sure did. The only thing left I gotta say about this is one word “Ricky”.
Favorite Joints: “Ricky”, “Born In The Trap”, “Red Nation”, “Speakers On Blast”