Bricks In My Backpack 3 drops on Tuesday JUNE 12th & the anticipation from not only the streets but the internet has me So fukin anxious right now, that i got that wait for the results on a test that you know you studied mad hard for type of feeling! this is 1 of 2 records off the album that when someone asks the ever so classic question of "Describe Yourself in 1 word" i would reply, how bout describe my self in 1 song! This is that "Smooth Talking, Rolex Wearing, Lady Loving, Money Making, Gun Toatin, Coke Dealing, Steak Cuttin, Wine Sipping MUTHA FUKA!!!!! kinda music .... and it features a good friend of mine and platinum recording artist FABOLOUS [@myfabolouslife] who upon hearing this record on BricksInMyBackpack2 gave me a call and said "dis some shit right here boi! , i might have 2 jump on that Remix" SO with a few slight changes of the beat, 3 Brand New Verses and the additional Vocals provided by the ever so talented MILA BROWN [@B4mila] ..... i present to the world "MERLOT pt Duex"